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Shandong Xianluo, established in 2006, is a group  enterprise, which is specialized in producing new building material production line and feeding machine, integrating research, development, design, manufacturing, installation  and service. The company is model enterprise of national green new building material industry equipment, containing new building material research and development center, provincial test center,  gypsum building material pilot trial production line, gypsum building material production research and development  base, equipment manufacturing base and specialized installation  team; and it has obtained over 30 invention patents for recent years.

The company is able to undertake energy saving and environmental protection building material production lines from 30,000 tons to 10 million tons; the company keeps long-term cooperative relation with foreign and domestic new building material research units and domestic auxiliary producers, researches and develops modern powder production line technologies and equipment such as efficient energy saving natural gypsum, industrial byproduct gypsum, industrial byproduct  high strength gypsum, natural gypsum purification, dry-mixed mortar, desulfurizer (limestone), slag powder, feldspar grinding, processing and magnetic separation , dock transshipment.

Core products of the company include gypsum calcination fluidized-bed furnace, gypsum homogenization cooling device, gypsum special drying equipment, gypsum special dust collector, DCS control system and heat source furnace; auxiliary products of production line include series patent and special products: NE and NSE series hoister; X-TDG steel wire adhesive tape bucket type hoister; ZYL central chain large capacity bucket type hoister; FU chain type series conveyor; belt conveyor; XZ air trough conveyor and powder air flow feeding.

There is a special installation, training and adjustment team with over 50 employees of the company, the only professional one in domestic new building material industry. Since over 10 years, due to scientific, strict and specialized standard management, the company has formed the specialized team with rich experience, skillful technology, advanced equipment and outstanding service. By systematic, specialized and standard construction, training and adjustment, it finishes installation and adjustment tasks of various production lines undertaken by the company.

On account of advanced production  technology, excellent equipment and considerate service concept, the company has undertaken over 60 new building material production lines at various places in the world in recent years, and designed total output of more than 35 million tons. According to different raw material and requires of product at various places in the world, we will regard energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency as own tasks  continuously, optimizing design to provide customized service to the customers.

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