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The production process of building gypsum
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From the natural dihydrate gypsum or chemical gypsum after a certain temperature heating calcination, the dehydration gypsum dehydration decomposition, to be semi-hydrated gypsum as the main component of the product, that is, building plaster (or customary known as plaster). Production of building gypsum equipment mainly rotary kiln, continuous or intermittent wok. According to the conditions of the temperature and pressure used in the decomposition of dehydration, the products can be divided into a type of building gypsum and p-type building gypsum.

P-type hemihydrate gypsum is the main form of construction gypsum, and its production process can be summarized as gypsum stone crushing, calcining, grinding the three processes. Gypsum processing equipment can be used jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, ring roller mill, gypsum mill. Calcination equipment Rotary kiln, continuous or intermittent wok. Grinding equipment, vertical mill, Raymond Mill and Peter mill and so on. By the China New Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute of Hangzhou, China's first self-designed gypsum board production line, with an annual output of 4 million square meters of gypsum board in Beijing Gypsum MILL has been put into operation nearly 20 years.

Gypsum stone generally 300-350mm particle size into the factory, if the size of more than this range will be carried out by the hammer crusher, by the bucket car will be sent to the next gypsum stone hopper by the plate feeder to jaw crusher. The material size control in the 50-60mm.

In order to ensure the stability of the calcination process and the forming process, and in order to make full use of low-grade gypsum resources, different grades of gypsum stone in the homogenization field for pre-homogenization (such as the production of gypsum stone source is stable, single, may not need pre-homogenization deal with). The bucket elevator to send the material into the feed belt, the conveyor belt with a mobile unloading material and shop material belt, the material along the length of the library along the layers of laying material. The thickness of each pavement is determined by the amount of gypsum of different grades which is required to be homogenized. Recycling of the material from the material piled in the vertical plane at the pile angle of repose for the reciprocating movement of the cake to take? This "method of cross-shop straight lack of material can achieve a satisfactory homogenization effect. The material on the discharge belt conveyor in the pit enters the raw material storage tank 7 from the bucket elevator 5 (if the homogenization storage site is large, the raw material storage is not needed).

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