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Product name:PPW air box pulse bag filter

Update time:2016-12-29 17:34:24

PPW series air box pulse bag filter integrates the advantages of all kinds of bag filters of sub-room cleaning and jet pulse, overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient dusting strength of the sub-room cleaning one and of simultaneous dusting and cleaning of the jet pulse one, thus expanding the application range of the bag filter. This kind of filter improves collection efficiency and extends the life of the bag due to its unique structure.


1.Wide range of application. Widely used in dusting of cement crushing, packing, warehouse top, clinker cooler and a variety of mills, and the dusting of metallurgical, chemical, mechanical and civil boiler gas.

2.Having the advantages of all kinds of bag filters of sub-room cleaning and jet pulse, high unit volume air handling capacity, low system resistance, dust removal efficiency of up to 99.9%;

3.Dealing with dust gas with concentration of up to 1000g / Nm3 directly, the treated gas with emission concentration less than 50mg / Nm3. According to special requirements of users, it can also meet more stringent emission standards;

4.It shall select different media according to processes, to meet the different requirements of exhaust gas;

5.It adopts advanced PLC programmable controller, so it can jet to clean at fixed time or fixed resistance automatically. Low air consumption, thorough cleaning and stable performance.

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