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Product name:NSE high speed board chain hoist

Update time:2016-12-29 17:39:17

NSE hoist is a new vertical lifting equipment developed by our Company, which is improved on the basis of NE hoist, with higher lifting range and greater conveying capacity. It is widely used  in the industrial countries to convey a large amount of powdered materials and to a high height. NSE board chain hoist has two basic models. Depending on the materials to be conveyed, different lifting speeds up to 70m / min can be selected, and it can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.


1.High conveying capacity: lifting volume: 50-1000m3 / h. Its wide lifting range not only covers general powders and small particles, but also covers the abrasive materials. Material temperature shall be ≤200 ℃. At the rated throughput, the maximum lifting height is over 50 meters.

2.Due to low drive power, inflow feed, induced discharge, intensive layout of large capacity hoppers, there is little feed back and excavating phenomenon, saving 30% of power compared with that of the chain hoist.

3.Long service life, good sealing, less environmental pollution: high-strength wear-resistant board chain which can extend the service life of the chain and the hopper. Under normal use, the conveyor may serve for more than three years.

4.Good operational reliability: advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the operational reliability of the machine, with trouble-free time for more than 20,000 hours.

5.Easy operation and maintenance: less wearing parts, good structural rigidity, high precision, casing with folded sides and embossed center, good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

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