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Product name:Dock storage and transshipment production line

Update time:2016-12-29 18:29:44

Cement, steel slag powder, cement clinker and cement raw material mainly use water transportation, and bulk cement transshipment station shall be built near coast or dock. Different from in-plant cement storage warehouse, it has features such as large transshipment quantity, high environmental protection requirement and low production line failure rate. According to loading and unloading features of large dock, our company builds over 10 dock storage and transshipment production lines successfully, and builds transshipment production line in floating pontoon dock.

Production line features:

1. Agreeing with the national existing policies and norms, using new technique and new technology, so as to meet quality requirements of feeding system production line to the maximum;

2. While meeting production technology in design, it also meet operating performance of production and later equipment maintenance performance, and ensures safety, high efficiency, energy saving, durability, economicness and beautifulness;

3. The design concept of regarding personnel as basis, meets features such as local environment and regional culture, and meets sustainable development policies;

4. The whole production line uses programmable control room to make central control, and sets monitoring system at key production points;

5. The whole transshipment line uses negative pressure operation, environmental protection discharge <30mg/m3, and meets demand of port on the whole environment.

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